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Glory MagicBook uses U master to install win10 system tutorial
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U Master speaks of the glory MagicBook installed win10 system tutorial. Glory MagicBook (AMD Ruilong 5 8G 256G FHD IPS Genuine Office) Glacier Silver 14-inch thin and thin border laptop. Next, Master U teaches you how to use U Master to install the Win10 installed system on the glory MagicBook.

U disk boot disk mounting system
The reinstalled computer can be turned on: First, when we encounter a computer that can boot, it is relatively simple to install the system.

1, first login U master official website to download U master U disk boot disk loading system tools; download Microsoft original system files on MSDN.

2, install U master U disk boot disk production tool;

3, insert the U disk, click to start production;

4. Copy the system file to the U disk after the production.

5, restart the computer, press the start hotkey to enter the U master PE interface;

6, in the PE interface according to the prompt to set up;

The U-U disk U disk boot disk system tutorial is here, more information please go to the "U Master's official website."


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